On 20 th September, Ndi Moyo collaborated with Kaza Kitchen, a social enterprise in
Lilongwe, to put on a fundraising quiz and raffle.

65 people from Lilongwe and Salima took part in the quiz, and many more from across
Malawi bought raffle tickets for the chance to win some of our great prizes. We had a
wonderful time raising awareness of palliative care in Malawi and raising some funds for Ndi
Moyo too!

A big thanks goes to Kaza Kitchen, for hosting us in their beautiful venue and providing the
delicious food. And thank you to the amazing organisations who donated the fantastic prizes
for the raffle: Kchichini Hub Lilongwe, Urban Café Lilongwe, Dedza Pottery, Four Seaons
Lilongwe, Kibebe, Mamma Mia Lilongwe, Tutlas Salima, Wines and Wings, Visions Lilongwe,
Cool Runnings Lodge in Senga Bay, Luwawa Forest Lodge, Kuti Wildlife Reserve, 1 2 Travel
Africa, Kefi Hotel in Zomba, Mango Drift on Likoma Island, and Pumulani Lodge (Robin Pope

In total, we raised a fantastic 1.37million kwacha! This will allow Ndi Moyo’s expert nursing
staff to continue ‘giving life’ to patients facing terminal illness in Malawi – providing
medication, psychological support, nutritional supplements and financial support.

The last quiz round was, of course, about Ndi Moyo. Perhaps you want to test your own Ndi
Moyo knowledge? Or learn more about Ndi Moyo’s work? Or even host your own
fundraising quiz for Ndi Moyo wherever you live….! If so, take a look at the questions from
that round, which are below.

  • How many raffle prizes are available to be won this evening?
  • The word ‘hospice’ comes from the Latin word ‘hospitum’, which means what?
  • Which cancer has the highest mortality (death rate) in Malawi?
    (Cervical cancer)
  • Ndi Moyo supports terminally ill patients by providing medication and clinical care.
    Name two other ways in which ndi moyo supports patients
    (Psychological support, nutrition, financial support, children’s school fees, children
    school materials, day care)
  • What does ‘ndi moyo’ mean?
    (With life/is life/give life/and life)
  • How many patients has ndi moyo helped since it started?
    (2150 patients)
  • Twice a month, Ndi Moyo patients are invited for day care, where they get activites,
    a delicious lunch, and DANCING. Some of the most popular music is from a Malawian
    gospel singer who died unexpectedly in 2016. Her first name is Grace – what is her
  • Ndi moyo palliative care is based on the Hospice Africa model. In which African
    country did Hospice Africa start?
  • True or false: Ndi Moyo takes part in the National cervical cancer screening
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