Home visits play a vital part in our palliative care. When patients are no longer well enough to attend our outpatient clinics we travel all over our district, and sometimes beyond, to visit them in our 4WD vehicles.

During home visits we are able to assess and medicate for patients’ pain and suffering and we are also able to support them in other aspects of their lives. This holistic care includes providing hospital-quality mattresses for patient’s in extreme discomfort, planning for patients’ children’s care after their death, supporting family carers with advice and understanding, and generally offering support across all aspects of a patient’s life.

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Joseph Ngwira · July 23, 2019 at 6:49 pm

Ndi Moyo, is doing a lot in terms of care provision to patients in the hospice and also in community level. Am proud of Ndimoyo. I have learnt a lot from the trust interns of trainings and interactions. Thank you.

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