In 2013 the Tuesday Trust and Ndi Moyo joined forces to work on a patient support demonstration garden on a one-acre plot adjacent to Ndi Moyo’s original compound.

The garden demonstrates sustainable permaculture methods, keeping a firm eye on the facilities within the grasp of our members on their own homesteads: bad soil,  little water, little physical energy. Together with new farming methods and new sustainable, nutritious crops, the project includes training in leadership, conflict management, soil management, micro-finance, and nutritious crops.

The Tuesday Trust are providing the seeds and Mr. Pindani, an agricultural Malawian expert who also works for the Department of Agriculture, to do this training on a weekly basis. Ndi Moyo are providing the land and their gardeners. At present the training takes place every Friday, very early to avoid the heat. Because many of the patients are sick,  the heavy lifting is done before they come into the garden.  We currently have about  50 members in the Patient Support Group. They have divided themselves into small groups and each group is trained through the wet and dry seasons.