We believe that palliative care is a human right and we strive to provide access to high quality palliative care for as many people as we can. We do this by running outreach clinics in outlying areas, educating within the healthcare profession to increase understanding and the quality of the provision of palliative care, and also, advocating nationally and internationally for wider and better care.

Outreach Clinics

We strive to make quality palliative care available to as many people as we can both in supplying a local service and in the training and ongoing supervision of other clinical staff throughout Malawi. In addition to our daily clinics at our own site in Salima, and our weekly visits to the local district hospital, we also run monthly outreach clinics. Currently we are working with Ministry of Health clinics in Kombedza, Chipoka and Michoka. We also assist the Christian Health Association of Malawi (CHAM) in introducing and delivering palliative care at the Baptist Clinic in Senga Bay, and St Anne’s Hospital and Alinafe Hospital in Nkotakota District.

Healthcare Training

We are an independent palliative care provider, but we work closely with Salima District Hospital, Khombedza, Chipoka, and Mchoka Health Centres to provide our patients with access to all its available treatment services. They refers patients to us who are in need of palliative care.

The aim is to further the development of palliative care services in Malawi. In all 43 health professionals have attended the three courses conducted by NdiMoyo.

The Initiators’ Course involves expert facilitators with a range of health disciplines who are mainly drawn from the Ministry of Health, CHAM, and PACAM. Participants learn skills in delivering palliative care in a holistic way, as well as skills in project development, running a service, teaching, advocacy, and continuing professional development.

Ndi Moyo welcomes volunteers and the exchange of medical expertise, particularly in oncology and palliative care.


Provision of palliative care generally across Malawi is very limited. Curative cancer treatments within the country are almost non- existent. Ndi Moyo advocates for palliative care for all, particularly those burdened by cancer. We engage with politicians, local government hospitals and clinics, health professionals and medical teaching universities to promote the provision of excellent holistic palliative care.

We also seek to publicise palliative care provision to people suffering in Salima district, and other districts of Malawi.

You can listen to one of our Radio Malawi broadcasts from 2012 in Chichewe and English here


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