NdiMoyo Palliative Care Trust, NMPCT, is a Malawi registered charity (TR/INC.2602) with a Malawian-based board of trustees.

Justin Dzinkambani, Chair (2016)
John Chaika, Vice Chair (2016)
Dr Margaret Kubwalo Chaika , Treasurer (2016)
Victoria Keelan, former Chair (2012)
Gail De Oliveira, former Chair (2006)
Lucy Finch, Founder and Trustee Clinical Services (2006)
Tony Finch, Founder and Trustee Operations (2006)
Phoebe Dzinkambani (2012)
Samantha Ludick (2010)
Dr Kelius Msyamboza (2014)

NMPCT’s sister charity, NdiMoyo UK, is a UK registered charity (1111045)  set up to raise funds, recruit volunteers and find other ways to support NMPCT.

Dr Helen Cox, Chair (2013)
Andrew Holden (2005)
Lisa Finch (2005)
Bridget Mullins (2013)
Dr Jo Shawcross (2015)
Cecelia Pollock (2016)
Jonathan Pollock (2018)
Dr Eleanor Cook (2019)
Dr Julia Bognar (2020)
Mrs Barbara Brooks-Smith (2021)

You can view NdiMoyo UK’s accounts here