This is Mary. She is 5 years old. She is HIV+.


Mary’s father died of HIV-related cancer in Ndi Moyo’s palliative care programme.

When Mary was 3 years old she developed typhoid and tuberculosis. Ndi Moyo ensured that she was able to access vital hospital care in Lilongwe by providing transport and accommodation costs. Now that she is better, Ndi Moyo continues to monitor her antiretroviral therapy to manage her HIV. Mary has to take medication every 12 hours for the rest of her life.

Ndi Moyo also cares for Mary through the Vulnerable Children Programme. Ndi Moyo monitors all child patients and the children of patients to ensure that they have adequate living conditions – suitable care and sleeping arrangements and access to school. Mary’s widowed mother is a subsistence farmer. Ndi Moyo checks Mary’s sleeping arrangements. She shares a bed with her grandmother and has a mosquito net and plenty of blankets. She is well-provided for. Mary’s sister, Anna, receives a new sleeping mat, mosquito net, school books and pens from the Vulnerable Children team.



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