Dolly was born with HIV through mother-to-child transmission and she had severe shingles.  When Dolly was 6 years old she asked God, “what have I done?” She prayed to God that he would take her to him because she could not bear the pain.

Lucy met the orphaned Dolly before she started Ndi Moyo, when Dolly was 9 years old and had tuberculosis. Lucy took Dolly to Lilongwe for her diagnosis and for her continuing treatment at the city hospital. She visited her in hospital and at home, and supplied her with medication. When Lucy couldn’t accompany Dolly for the 3-hour round trip to the hospital she gave Dolly and her grandmother money for transport.

Subsequently, Dolly has suffered again from shingles in the same area of her arm. Dolly is now 16 years old.

“Ndi Moyo is a place where I have been taken care of when I was very sick up until now. I was very young when I was sick but Ndi Moyo has helped me to grow this far”.

When Dolly comes to Ndi Moyo day care to visit, Lucy finds that she has not eaten since the day before. Ndi Moyo continues to holistically care for Dolly: with warmth and compassion, with comfort fund money, school uniform, exercise books, pens, school shoes, clothes, medication and food.


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