Our Patients

We are currently treating over 600 patients.  Here are some of their stories.


NdiMoyo offers comprehensive pain relief, practical support and a dignified, holistic end of life care to a total caseload of over 600 patients in Salima district and beyond.

Our clinical team aims to resolve spiritual, psychological, and social needs that intensify the sense of pain being suffered. We have pioneered a standard of holistic care that is second to none – in terms of service delivery to over 1,500 patients and their families.

92% of the patients have cancers; the most frequent being the AIDS defining Kaposis’ Sarcoma, followed by cancer of the cervix, then oesophagel cancer, and at least a further 20 other cancer conditions suffered among those assisted by Ndi Moyo. 71% are HIV+ve and have complications causing severe pain when untreated; their ARV compliance is monitored regularly, and they are assisted to access both 1st line and 2nd line treatments.

We also helps other patients when in severe pain due to diabetes mellitus, severe burns, sickle cell crisis, cryptococcal meningitis etc.