Untitled JobIMG_2106Jan 29 20130149This is Eva dancing on Day Care Day. Eva is Ndi Moyo’s general assistant. She has the HIV-associated skin cancer Kaposi’s Sarcoma.

Eva first came to Ndi Moyo with her son. They were both patients in the palliative care programme. When Eva’s son died, Eva’s daughter-in-law left Eva with their seven children and remarried.

Eva now works as Ndi Moyo’s general assistant, cook, and petty cash officer, to support her seven grandchildren and her mother. Her cancer is currently under control through her antiretroviral therapy monitored by Ndi Moyo.

Eva’s wage is not enough to support all of her dependents. The family eats half a 50kg bag of maize each week. They supplement this with tomatoes, small fish and beans, and pumpkin leaves from the garden. Eva must also buy washing soap, laundry soap, and sugar for the family.