Plans for the future

We have four priorities as laid out in our 2025 -2029 strategic plan.

  • Leadership and excellence in palliative care services
  • Sustainability
  • Advocacy
  • Building strategic partnerships

Excellence in palliative care 

We will continue to develop our services to ensure as many people as possible have access to our care from Salima and the surrounding districts of Nkhotakota, Dowa, Dedza and Mangochi across Lake Malawi and, through the training of health professionals from both private and public sector from all the regions of Malawi. We plan to move away from the face to face training and go online to increase the number of training providers in the country. A little over one hundred have been trained through face to face training. As a precursor to the online training, we are now holding patient case conferencing for knowledge sharing among palliative care providers from twenty sites across the Malawi.

We also have plans to develop paediatric care in Ndi Moyo and to support the development of paediatric care in our two nearest hospitals – Salima District Hospital and Kamuzu Central Hospital.


In 2019, Ndi Moyo began its journey from being an organization led by its founders, Lucy and Tony Finch, to a charity which is driven forward by Malawian staff and an active Malawian trustee board. A Country Manager was recruited to take overall charge of the operation.

We continue to broaden Ndi Moyo’s fundraising base within Malawi and elsewhere to ensure the charity can be sustainable over the long term.


A key part of Ndi Moyo’s mission is to use its experience of providing holistic palliative care services to inspire change across the Malawian health system.

In the coming five years, Ndi Moyo will continue to work closely with a national network of palliative care organisations to continue to advocate for the national availability of liquid morphine and other essential drugs used in palliative care.

We will also raise awareness of palliative care at both a national, district and traditional authority level, based on the passionate vision and depth of experience gained by Ndi Moyo’s founder, Lucy Finch.

Strategic partnerships

Ndi Moyo’s final strategic goal is to build partnerships with key palliative care organisations to enable us to continue to be a beacon of excellence and a national training centre for healthcare professionals across Malawi.

This will include developing training links with the Ministry of Health, contributing to national policy on palliative care and pain management, and continuing our links with international research and best practice.