We provide patient-centred, home-based palliative care for people in Salima, Malawi with HIV/AIDS, cancer or other life-limiting illnesses. We believe this is the most family-friendly, most culturally-appropriate and best care for our patients.

We hold daily outpatient clinics where we treat most of our patients in our palliative care programme. We also work with Salima District Hospital in the administration of antiretroviral therapy and chemotherapy to our patients, and we treat in-patients there who require but do not have access to adequate pain relief. When patients are too ill to attend our clinics we visit them at home.

We also work to extend the reach of palliative care in our district and beyond by holding outreach clinics in outlying areas. We advocate for the provision of palliative care for all those in need. In addition, our Vulnerable Children Programme targets children of patients and children who are patients themselves, because we recognise that these children are especially vulnerable.


We provide holistic palliative care that strives to care for every individual and to assist in the challenges they face. We are a centre of excellence in the provision of palliative care in Africa and a model for other palliative care providers in sub-Saharan Africa and beyond.


“If there were not Ndi Moyo, maybe this time I would die”

Manuel MbeweNdi Moyo driver and patient