We are an independent palliative care provider, but we work closely with Salima District Hospital, Khombedza, Chipoka, and Mchoka Health Centres to provide our patients with access to all its available treatment services. They refers patients to us who are in need of palliative care.

Three times a week, we take our patients to Salima District Hospital so that they can access the antiretroviral therapy supplied by the Global Fund through Malawi’s national health service. Our regular hospital visits support patients to sustain their therapy. To be properly effective, antiretroviral therapy must be taken daily.

We supply vincristine chemotherapy for our cancer patients and this is administered by the government doctor at the hospital. The hospital carries out blood tests for us so that we can determine if patients have adequate strength to undergo chemotherapy.

During our hospital visits we are able to monitor the progress of our patients who have been admitted to hospital, and ensure that they have adequate care and pain relief. (Patients in Malawi are required to provide their own food and carers when in hospital). We help other hospital patients in extreme pain, such as those with sickle cell anaemia or severe burns. Sometimes our patients also receive blood supplies from the hospital for transfusions.

We also provide transport which can otherwise be unaffordable and physically difficult for patients.