Florence“I’ve been coming to Ndi Moyo for almost 4 years.

I was sick. I went to Salima District Hospital. They told me they didn’t know what I was suffering from and discharged me. I was vomiting. I had sores in my mouth. I also went to Moa Mission Hospital. They also did not diagnose me and they discharged me.

I came to Ndi Moyo. I had a very painful abdomen. I had been vomiting for 3 months and I had not taken any food.

After taking 18 injections of Vincristine chemotherapy everything changed.

I was born and brought up in Lilongwe. When I go to Lilongwe, they ask about Ndi Moyo. My friends want to come to Ndi Moyo. Aunty Lucy, she doesn’t chase people away.

I am doing something for my children. Without me, my children and my mother would be suffering very much.

Ndi Moyo is doing a great job. A very very great job”

Without Ndi Moyo’s people’s help I would be gone. With the help of God I am here. Ndi Moyo is doing great work. We are praying that it will continue so that our friends, also, they may have help.



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