Ndi Moyo will never turn away anyone in severe or chronic pain.
We are committed to holistic palliative care.
Most of our patients suffer from HIV and cancer. We seek to practise excellence in our palliative care and to inspire others etc.
Ndi Moyo provides care to patients suffering from both cancer and HIV, and other patients in extreme pain, in and around the district of Salima in Malawi.
We aim to to relieve patients’ pain and suffering by supporting them in all the challenges of their daily lives. And we advocate for palliative care for all people, especially those in sub-Saharan Africa.
We are a centre of excellence in the provision of palliative care in Africa. [home page?]
Ndi Moyo means the place giving life.
Founder: “I promised myself that I would never ever be put in such a situation again where I could not help someone who was suffering”
“I will never turn away anyone in pain”
Patient: “Ndi Moyo is a place where I have been taken care of when I was very sick up until now. I was very young when I was sick but Ndi Moyo has helped me to grow this far” Dorothy
Without Ndi Moyo she wouldn’t be alive. Memory.
Staff: At first patients, when they come, they are in great pain. They need us. But after, they improve. Some go back to work and are able to support their families, and some go back to school.” Nester, Ndi Moyo’s longest-serving nurse
NdiMoyo Palliative Care Trust is a Malawi-registered charity
Ndi Moyo UK is a UK-registered charity no. 1111045 which raises money to support the work of NMPCT.

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Ndi Moyo facts

  • Most people in Malawi are subsistence farmers

  • 11% of Malawi’s population is HIV+

  • There is one doctor for every 50,000 people

  • With properly administered antiretroviral therapy it is now possible for HIV+ patients to live longer healthier lives, support their children through school and prevent mother-to-child transmission

  • In Malawi, opportunistic cancers affect many people with HIV

  • There is no government health care provision for pain relief or cancer treatment

  • Ndi Moyo has treated over 900 patients and cared for many children since 2002, when it first began with Lucy Finch giving her own medicine to those she saw in need

  • Ndi Moyo is a community-based independent charity that receives no government funding. It is mainly funded by friends and family in the UK


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