Clinical care

We provide home-centred palliative care for people in Salima, Malawi who are sick and dying. We believe this is the most family-friendly, most culturally-appropriate and best care for our patients.

Holistic Care

Our holistic care considers the physical, emotional, social, economic and spiritual needs of the individual. It also encompasses the needs of patients' families.


We advocate for palliative care as a human right, provide palliative training to healthcare professionals, visit outreach clinics to increase the accessibility of care, and promote the access of palliative care through radio broadcasts, and health education.

Ndi Moyo – the place giving life

Ndi Moyo provides care to patients suffering from HIV in combination with HIV-associated cancers, and other patients in extreme pain. We relieve suffering by supporting patients in all the challenges of their daily lives. We are committed to holistic palliative care. We work in Salima, Malawi and are a centre of excellence in the provision of palliative care in Africa. We are a charity funded by entirely by donation. Please support us.

Our Patients

We currently treat over 400 living patients.  Here are some of their stories.