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Memory’s Continuity of Care with Ndi Moyo..
Memory never went school and got married when she was 17. She had grown up within a poor family like most children in Malawi. When she was 19 she tested positive for HIV and had to have her third pregnancy terminated. Sadly, her two previous children had died whilst very young and her husband, having refused to test for HIV, divorced her.
Just one year later in 2012 Memory was diagnosed with a cancer known as Kaposi’s Sarcoma (KS). The district hospital prescribed Anti-Retroviral Therapy (ART).
By October that year she was unable to walk, had no food to eat, and was in a lot of pain. As a result she was referred to Ndi Moyo where she was provided with holistic Palliative Care:-
Medication to relieve her physical pain;Food supplements;Transport to Lilongwe to receive advanced chemotherapy treatmentA mattress to sleep on, and crutches so she could walk again; and Regular counselling at Ndi Moyo.
Memory’s quality of life improved and she was able to work and do other things on her own until December 2020, when her condition deteriorated again due to another pregnancy at the age of 28. She had to be readmitted to hospital due to pneumonia and anemia. In addition the pregnancy brought her immune system down and caused KS lesions to resurface so aggressively that she could not walk on her own. She had to rely on her elderly mother to assist her in many ways, including taking her to the toilet.  Ndi Moyo’s visiting oncologist has prescribed an advanced level of chemotherapy every fortnight, which is only available at Lilongwe’s principal referral hospital, over 100 km away. Memory has to have a guardian with her and needs nutritional support, bedding and clothes. Overall her treatment and support will cost MK284, 000 (about £258) over the next 10 months.
“Ndi Moyo has given me a dignified life again,
all my pain is gone!” W.C.
One day in July 2007, a 55 year old man visited Ndi Moyo from a district approximately 180 km away in search of medical help. He was diagnosed with penile cancer in 2006 and had been suffering from excruciating pain, low self-esteem and family neglect due to the nature of his illness. Ndi Moyo enrolled him on its program to control all of his pain (physical, psychological, social and spiritual).

WC’s problems started in 2006 with a simple sore on the penis that did not heal despite medical care. Upon further investigation it was discovered that it was cancer. This situation caused misunderstanding and his wife accused him of promiscuity and eventually divorced him. It was very distressing for WC who was in need of moral support at this time.  WC heard about Ndi Moyo from a friend and immediately decided to leave Balaka, his home town which is about 180km from Ndi Moyo, and relocated to Salima.
WC arrived at Ndi Moyo in a very poor condition and unbearable pain. Following a thorough assessment he started on liquid morphine that controlled his longstanding pain. This was a big relief and he was puzzled by this “wonder” medicine that brought him peace after a pain filled year of suffering. He was happy he had found medical staff who took care of his psycho social and spiritual needs too, without any prejudice. Once more he felt accepted by those around him.
One day in 2014, WC decided to bid farewell to the Ndi Moyo team go back to his original home. No sooner had he left the symptoms of cancer resurfaced. He came back to Salima and told the team how he couldn’t  live a dignified life without Ndi Moyo’s support. In his own words he said ““You are my family, I belong here, and I am so lucky to have found this place”. The team continued with his care and support and now his pain is once again under control.
Today, WC is back on his feet doing light work in his garden and able to fend for himself. Recently, he brought the Ndi Moyo Clinical team a present of 25kg of rice from his fields in appreciation of the team’s efforts in supporting him holistically. WC would not have come to stay in Salima if it was not for the quality of care that he received from Ndi Moyo.  Story by Linly Chitete
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